Product Management - Communication Skill #3


  1. Eliminate Redundancy:

    • Remove unnecessary repetition in your communication. Redundancy can dilute your message and make it more difficult to follow.
  2. Trim Unnecessary Details:

    • While providing context is important, avoid including excessive details that don't contribute to the main message. Be selective in what you include.
  3. Use Active Voice:

    • Opt for active voice over passive voice. Active voice is generally more concise and direct.
  4. Edit Ruthlessly:

    • Review your communication and edit it to remove any unnecessary words or phrases. Every sentence and word should serve a purpose.
  5. Consider Your Audience:

    • Tailor your communication to the specific needs and interests of your audience. This helps you focus on the most relevant information.
  6. Employ Visuals Wisely:

    • If applicable, use visuals like charts or graphs to convey information more concisely. Visuals can often replace lengthy explanations.
  7. Use Bulleted Lists:

    • Break down information into bulleted lists to make it easier to digest. Lists are a concise way to present information in a structured format.

Sample Content:

Dear Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I want to provide a brief update on our latest product development efforts.

Purpose: To update the team on the progress and upcoming milestones for Project X.

Key Points:

  1. We successfully completed Phase 1 of Project X ahead of schedule.

  2. The next milestone is the user testing phase, scheduled for [date].

  3. Please review the attached document for detailed specifications.

Action Items:

  • Review the attached document by [deadline].

  • Schedule a brief team meeting on [date] to address any questions.

Thank you for your dedication to Project X.

Best, [Your Name]

This sample communication aims for clarity by clearly stating the purpose, organizing information logically, and providing actionable next steps. It is concise, avoiding unnecessary details while conveying essential updates.

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